Ecole Fondamental Du Soumabougou: Perspectives

Exterior Perspective

I am happy to report that our first school is going up without a hitch!  Though the political situation in Mali remains tense, we have secured  the help of a general contractor to oversee the construction process.

On Tuesday, CNN’s “Outfront” covered the conflict in Mali.  Though a statement was made that, “…there is no school in Mali.” because of the unrest, I am once again happy to report that the villages we currently serve are less impacted by the recent developments in the north.  However, the extended closure of schools in Bamako and throughout Mali’s northern regions comes at a great loss to a still-promising generation of Malians.

Here is a glimpse at the future Ecole Fondamental Du Soumabougou!  These are from my rendering process, so expect some polished images in upcoming posts.

Aerial shot of school with opened shutters

Main Facade

The exterior colors suggested by this model are similar to those used on many existing Malian schools.  Once we get more acquainted with the building process in Mali, I would like to color each shutter according to a poly rhythm rooted in 2/3 (the root of  most African music).  The “syncopation” will make each room unique while giving the interior a full range of colored light (which is particularly important in educational architecture).

Most (if not all) of our paints will be mixed on or near the site.  Until we become more familiar with the paint-making process in Mali, my palette will be limited.

Interior Perspective

Light colored interior walls will help attain light levels that are more suitable for a learning environment

Interior Perspective

Ecole Fondamental Du Soumabougou will be named in honor of Keeth Elementary School in Winter Springs, Florida.  Special thanks to the students and teachers there that made this possible!

Exterior Perspective

Exterior Perspective


One thought on “Ecole Fondamental Du Soumabougou: Perspectives

  1. There are no words to describe the joy and excitement and gratitude your partnership has brought to the
    African Sky family here in NE Ohio. Exploring these pages are phenomenal, having been to Somumabougou
    only intensifies it all. This design in brilliant, thank you and thank you for creating this great website to
    share. LOVE IT!

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