Soumabougou Rising!

SOUMABOUGOU_FOur wonderful crew in front of school #1 in Soumabougou!  (Looking good Tamba!) I NI CHE!  The talented team of Malians has wisely added twelve reinforced concrete columns (castillos) to support the 6 small I-beams (two over each classroom).  We also changed the bond beam to run straight across, instead of stepping up the roof slope.  Though the holes just beneath the bond beam look like mistakes, they are actually the points where our crew attaches their very clever scaffolding to the building.

Soumabougou school!

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If you need one more reason to build out of compressed earth block…take a look at my bedroom

2012-11-27 16.19.15

The company replacing our sewer system in San Antonio decided that my bedroom would work better as a garage.  They had no problem parking a truck inside of it while I was behind the door in the next room.  Thankfully, I was the only one inside and the driver was not injured.  A structural engineer has confirmed that my little rental house was rocked off its foundation, (it felt like an earthquake!) and it is now slated for demolition.  This week I will begin designing a collision-proof replacement made out of earth block…so bring it on Cimarron!


3 thoughts on “Soumabougou Rising!

  1. Hi Drew: I am facinated by your work. Your mom was filling me in on what you are doing. I am all about sustainable living and actually my blood runs green! I would love to follow your blog if you don’t mind. Mrs. McGee

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